Ever have a hard time picking out that perfect fragrance?

Sure you have. You go to your local box store to look for a new cologne only to have your nostriles burned because of all the cologne they are spraying on you. When you finally do pick that new scent and get set back $50, $60, $70 or more you get bored with it.

Well if that’s you I have a secret. Its called Myperfumesamples.com . This website is great. They sell decanted designer fragrances. What that means is they take a normal size retail bottle and break it down into smaller vials and bottles for you to try. Whats great about it is that you can buy so many for the price of just one bottle at a store. They have it all at myperfumesamples.com . From classic fragrances, to new ones. And if your in a giving mood there are even gift packs.

Smell like a million bucks for just a few dollars.


  1. Devin Briggs

    Yay, so happy you were pleased with you order! I saw your post, and thought I would let you know about our $5 off coupon that we have available via Facebook before it expires :) http://bit.ly/1hLQZUz

    1. Donnie

      Thanks Devin,

      I will be sure to Share it!

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